Robert Silverman. Pianist.
Robert Silverman. Pianist.

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Variations: Beethoven Diabelli Variations

Variations: Beethoven Diabelli Variations

Robert Silverman performs Beethoven

Stereophile STPH 017-2

The long-awaited follow-up to Robert Silverman's acclaimed 10-CD set of the complete sonatas of Beethoven is now available from Stereophile. It was recorded in Utah in 2004 in high-resolution DSD, using the famed Kimber Iso-Mike.


Diabelli Variations Op. 120
32 Variations in C minor WoO 80


"Performances you could listen to for years and never reach the limit of their possibilities....if you really want the two richest hours of piano music ever recorded, I'd suggest you buy Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations and Bob Silverman's Diabelli Variations."
...Wes Phillips, USA critic.

"(The Diabelli Variations) contain much of what makes Beethoven's piano music so endlessly fascinating and beautiful; gorgeous melodies, powerful rhythms, perfect harmony and flawless connections between the variations. They are, however, a very intense hour of music making. Happily, the performance is so good, introspective at times, then interspersed with powerhouse pianism, that the hour passes smoothly and maintains keen interest. Listen to the majesty of sound in the first variation, the superlative technique in variation 23 (Allegro assai) then straight into the gentlest lyricism in the Fughetta. Wonderful!"